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The Family

For over six centuries, our family has dedicated itself to winemaking, with a passion and commitment that have been handed down from one generation to the next.

Marchesi Mazzei

A Wine Dynasty

Today as in the past, the Mazzei family leads the legacy of their know-how at the place where everything started, at Castello di Fonterutoli, one of the most important institutions of Chianti Classico and Tuscany, with an outstanding history and a bright future ahead.

managing director

Filippo Mazzei

Under the guidance of Filippo, the modernization effort that was started by Lapo Mazzei finds a new impetus.

Once he dedicated himself to leading the family business full-time, his across the board expertise derived from a liberal arts education, a degree in Business Administration, and substantial corporative experience at Findomestic Bank SpA, allowed Filippo Mazzei to strongly promote the development of the quality of the wines while expanding into key markets.

managing director

Francesco Mazzei

Thanks to the attentive business development work of Francesco, the company can approach new expansion and development projects.

His degree in Political Science and the experience in industrial organizations such as Barilla and Piaggio, brought new managerial expertise to the family business, this expertise lead to the 1997 acquisition of the Belguardo Estate in Maremma, and Zisola, in Sicily in 2003.


Giovanni Mazzei

Giovanni is leading the legacy of their know-how at the place where everything started, at Castello di Fonterutoli, with the Winery il Caggio home of Ipsus.

The eldest son of Filippo Mazzei, his interest in wine started early. From the age of 14, he was already getting involved with winemaking in his family’s wineries. While studying he acted as Brand Manager for Marchesi Mazzei in USA. After a brief experience in Hong Kong, dedicated himself full-time to his family business and to Villa Marcello, overseeing the whole export.

retail & direct business director

Lapo Mazzei

Due to the know-how in Retail and CRM, Lapo is responsible to boost an area highly strategic and with a big growth potential.

At the end of his studies, and after a brief but necessary experience in the family business to understand its word and dynamics, lived in Shangai, China, where he developed an important working experience for the Florentia Village Luxury group. On the way back to Italy has brought new skills to strengthen its market area.

Agnese Mazzei

Graduated in architecture, has deepened her education in history and in methods of restoration of historic and artistic buildings.

After graduating she opened her own architectural firm alongside to teaching activity. From the beginning of her career devoted herself to the design of wine cellar, becoming one of the architect most advanced in this sector. Agnese designed Castello di Fonterutoli cellar, an innovative and low-environmental impact project, where aesthetic taste and functionality combine.

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